Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads for 7 figure Coaches and Course Creators

So the right people get into their workshops, challenges, webinars, events, and high-ticket programs, without paying a big agency who makes them feel like just another account

Ready to scale your business

without having to hiring another big agency that doesn't care about your business as much as you do ?

You KNOW the power of Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads.

Their data and AI are unmatched by ANY other a long shot.

But if they're not done right, they can quickly drain your budget and attract the wrong people into your funnels.

Maybe you hired a big ad agency, but you felt like they...

  • Didn't have a strategy specific to coaches and course creators

  • Didn't listen

  • Didn't communicate, leaving you to wonder where your ads stood

  • Only put out 1 or 2 vague, generic ads without fully testing

  • Didn't really care about your results

  • Handed you off to a junior ads manager halfway across the world

In short, you felt like just another account.

Well, I do things differently.

  • I have YEARS of experience and training (Smart Marketer Certified) very specific to coaches and course creators like you

  • Proven results (consistent 6-figure course launches and sold-out programs)

  • A major PASSION (slash obsession) for Facebook™ ads

  • Comfort managing tens of thousands in ad spend every day

  • A weekly reporting system and direct communication availability, so you always know where your ads stand

It's a customized, tailored experience.

-a mom of 3 from Texas and wife of a head football coach (Go Cougars!). I work with 7- figure coaches, consultants, and course creators to maximize their launches, fill up their client rosters, and sell out their programs.

I've been both an executive assistant and a business analyst for a tech company. Then I started this business in 2019, and I've never looked back!

One of my clients has been featured on Good Morning America and every major news outlet. Another is THE go-to leader in her field.

With ads, I've grown an email list by 30% in 1 week, helped clients have consistent 6-figure course launches, including one that made a 36X return on ad spend, and helped a coach sell out her program for the first time ever!

And...I am OBSESSED with results.

I'm not just working to scale your business…

I am helping you live your dream and focus on the parts of your business you really love and that only you can do.

What Could You Do With an Extra 5-10 Hours/Week Instead of wasting time managing your ads?

YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED YOU. Focus on serving them in a world-class way

YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS YOU. Focus on your team, improving systems, and creating new awesome products

YOUR LIFE NEEDS YOU. Focus on family, friendships, and having fun!

That's exactly where I come in!

My done-for-you Ad Accelerator System involves constant monitoring, adjusting, and a 

relentless pursuit of optimization. I want your business to DOMINATE your industry!

One ad will NOT cut it these days. There is a process to converting a cold stranger into a raving fan. You need a multi-layered ads system and lots of testing. But don't worry. I’ll take care of ALL of that for you!

Your ad is only as effective as your funnel is. That’s why I COMB through every page of your funnels, optimizing headlines, copy, automation, your pixel, and more. I need that TIP-TOP, so that you get EVERY lead that comes through… not just a few.

Starting is As Easy as 1,2, 3

Here's what you get

STEP 1: FREE Discovery Call

It won't be an aggressive sales pitch. It's a regular conversation: I'll get to know you, a bit about your business, your goals... I'll also suggest how I might be able to help, what strategy I would use specifically for your business, and we can see if we're a good match. You can either say yes or no. No problem.

STEP 2: Onboarding

I'll walk you through my unique on-boarding process. The goal is to make sure I'm crystal clear on who your customers are, how they think, what they need, how they speak, and where the pain points are.

STEP 3: Create ads, Analyze Your Funnel

At the beginning, there's usually some tech set-up, depending on where you are in your business. After that, it's on to creating images, writing copy, testing and optimizing for the best results.

ONGOING: Weekly check-ins

Communication is key for success. Every week you get a report and short video on the previous week and goals for the week ahead, so you always know where your ads stand. I work with you like a team member, so we can collaborate

toward success.

And Any Platform… Becomes My Playground!

I've mastered dozens of them, and I can learn more!

Jeff Struecker

Army Ranger Hall of Famer

Speaker, Author, Podcaster

Ready to Let An Expert Create and Manage

Your Ads, So You Finally See the Returns

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