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Still on YouTube trying to figure out how to run ads that actually work?

When it comes to ads…

Guessing = THOUSANDS of $$$ WASTED

You could figure this out yourself. I am not saying you can’t...

You could spend the thousands of dollars that I did on courses,

workshops, and conferences.

You could spend hours in books and experimenting…

You could spend thousands testing ads to see what works and doesn't. 

…but what you can't do is...

Go back and watch your kid's baseball game you missed.

Go back and be more present on that vacation.

Go back on that EPIC trip you missed with your buddies.

You can’t reverse time…

But you CAN save it moving forward.

And I can help!

I’ve learned from the best and work every day in the ad “trenches”



If I were in your shoes reading this website from a total stranger, I would hesitate.

I mean... does she even care about my business as much as I do?

Even though the actual answer is YES, I can see why you might not believe me.

What you can trust is that my reputation is on the line. 

I want you to succeed… because I want your repeat business. I want you to tell everyone you know about me. I want you to expand and scale… create another business that I manage your ads for.

I WANT you to succeed, my friends! I believe that through partnership, we can carry each other higher than working alone!

The TRUTH is, running Ads is HARD.

Fortunately, I have...

  • YEARS of experience and training

  • Proven results

  • A major PASSION for it

  • Comfort managing tens of thousands in ad spend per day

This is WHAT I DO.

-a mom of 3 from Houston, TX. I help business owners run Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads that CONVERT for their signature offers, online courses, online services, and brick-and mortar businesses.

I've been both an executive assistant and a business analyst for a tech company. In both roles, I found a love of combining tech and creativity.

After a few years, I started to niche down and ONLY focus on helping businesses generate more leads & sales, so I could have a skill that I understood deeply and could use to REALLY make a difference.

I've worked with leaders across multiple fields, and one of my clients has been featured on Good Morning America and every major news outlet. With ads, I immediately grew his email list by 30% in 1 week, and I've helped clients have consistent 6-figure course launches, including one that made a 36X return on ad spend!

And...I am OBSESSED with results.

I know I'm not just working to scale your business… I am helping you live your dream. It’s why I HUSTLE for my clients!

What Could You Do With an Extra 10-20 Hours per Week?

STOP wearing too many hats. Instead of spending HOURS or more learning how to run Facebook™️ and Instagram™️ ads, focus on what is important…

YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED YOU. Focus on serving your customers…

YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS YOU. Focus on scaling, improving systems, and making new products.

YOUR LIFE NEEDS YOU. Focus on family, friendships, and having fun.

That's exactly where I come in!

My done-for-you system involves constant monitoring, adjustments, and a 

relentless pursuit of optimization. I want your business to DOMINATE your industry!

One ad will not cut it these days. There is a process to converting a cold stranger into a raving fan. Fortunately, you won't need to understand when to use retargeting ads vs. a lead magnet funnel. I’ll take care of ALL of that for you!

Your ad is only as effective as your funnel is. That’s why I COMB through every page of your funnels, optimizing headlines, copy, automation, and more. I need that TIP-TOP, so that you get EVERY lead that comes through… not just a few.

Starting is As Easy as 1,2, 3

Here's what you get

STEP 1: Book Your FREE Discovery Call

It won't be an aggressive sales pitch. It's a regular conversation: I'll get to know you, a bit about your business, your goals... I'll also suggest how I might be able to help, and we can see if we're a good match.

STEP 2: Onboarding Session

I'll walk you through my unique on-boarding process. The goal is to make sure I'm crystal clear on who your ideal customers are, how they think,

and what they need.

STEP 3: Create ads, Analyze Your Funnel

At the beginning, there's usually some tech set-up, depending on where you are in your business. It might be as simple as one ad campaign or as complex as setting up everything. After that, it's on to testing and optimizing for the best results.

ONGOING: Weekly check-ins

Communication is key for success. Every week you get a report and short video on the previous week and goals for the week ahead, so you always know where your ads stand. I work with you like a team member, so we can collaborate

toward success.

Any Platform… Becomes My Playground!

I've mastered dozens of them, and I can learn more!

Jeff Struecker

Army Ranger Hall of Famer

Speaker, Author, Podcaster


Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels

& Get Your Ads Done For You?

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